PROGRASS provides a full-service portfolio for a successful planning, design and implementation of an Integrated Biomass and Carbon Management.

PROGRASS provides interdisciplinary expertise of its members in Research and Development.

Step 1: Pre-study on Sustainable Carbon Economy

Step 2: Stakeholder Cooperation Workshop: Regional Exploration and Discovery of IBCM

Step 3: Regional Capacity Buiding: Regional Implementation Design of IBCM Projects

Step 4: Product and Service Development

Step 5: Regional Development Strategy

As a first step it provides a sustainability study on regional potentials related to ecological (input materials) economic (product and value potentials) and social (stakeholder, support structures).

Based on this first step interested regional stakeholders may decide to enter a development process as a starting point for their IBCM.

Once a region decides to invest in a development programme PROGRASS will organise Regional workshops involving all relevant stakeholders. This regional tasks force (ideally composed of activists identified in step 1, competent in all relevant IBCM fields) will intensively explore the regional potentials on resources (input biomasses), processes (recovery, collection, transport, storage), conversion (IFBB  and /or activation), and product and value chain development.

The regional PROGRASS exploration workshops are being accompanied by a professional development programme which is delivered parallel via web-based training and development units to achieve a capacity building in the regions. Local and regional stakeholders need the competences and capacities to develop their IBCM autonomously and in full responsibility.

Based on the workshops regional CC-Hubs will be set up. They are incubators and test beds for regional product development based on charcoal feed-stock developed in the regions. For this purpose charcoal feedstock will be provided by the PROGRASS network (un-activated/activated) which has a similar quality as the local charcoal). In this phase the central CC-lab will thoroughly analyse the quality of the local input materials and the processed charcoal. Regional start-ups and small and medium enterprises or farmers are supported to develop products and value chains based on circular carbon products based on the local (waste) biomasses.

As final step the political and administrative stakeholders will be integrated in the regional development together with potential investors to introduce a strategic development. PROGRASS will act as CC-net which will

  • support marketing, supply and delivery (also on European level)
  • trigger investment and funding for regional infrastructure
  • advise on political and administrative decisions and strategy planning