PROGRASS – The Approach

Due to the adapted technology the PROGRASS approach is especially feasible for extensive grasslands a substrate which causes problems in conventional biogas or combustion systems.

In the framework of the LIFE+ project PROGRASS will be demonstrated in extensive grassland in European NATURA habitats not only to prove the feasibility but also to evidence that the approach may become a cornerstone in the protection of these grasslands biotopes in Europe by developing a sustainable solution consisting of nature protection and socio-economic development of disadvantaged, marginal rural regions.

Thus PROGRASS will serve to:

  • Protection of NATURA reserves
  • Securing livelihood for small farmers in retreated areas
  • Saving/Compensating costs for the conservation of grassland biotopes
  • Increasing the acceptance for the compulsory and sustainable management and maintenance of these biotopes
  • European wide creation of awareness and transfer of the approach for the sake of European NATURA habitats